20 minutes of a getaway

So after a long hectic day of work I get home and climb on my bed to relax for twenty minutes. I try and meditate but then my thoughts run to my crazy day at work and stress I encountered. I have been waiting for this moment the whole day to just unwind and be in peace for at least twenty minutes. I close my eyes, but my peaceful
state of mind is interrupted by the sound of kids playing in the pool. screams and laughs reminds me of my childhood and how great those days were. I have been working so much the past few years going to school and working two jobs that i realized it had been awhile since I had actually done nothing for awhile. When I’m not sleeping everything is always movement and going from the next place to the next place, whether it is having to pick up my little brother from work, having to get to work on time, driving to school, creating events and social outings that I attend to with friends, running errands, etc. A little vacation from life in general would be nice with no one bothering me, no homework to be done, not having to punch in at work, and just enjoying life’s simple pleasures with no worries about what has to be done tomorrow. My mind drifts off to the perfect getaway which would be to visit an island in the caribbean alone with no cell phone, no laptop, and no forms of communication with those at home at least for one week only. I honestly don’t get much time in solitude so it would be a treat to just be alone in a paradise to clear my thoughts and enjoy my time with mother nature. Ahhhh my mind drifts to the sounds of the ocean with the waves hitting the shore. I can feel the sun tanning my skin as I am laying on the beach in peace. I see the beach girl coming to bring me my nice cold Corona with lime and I engage in some small talk with her asking her where are some nice spots on the island to visit. I envision my little trip with sightseeing the island, scuba diving, swimming near a waterfall, meeting new people, going to a few nightclubs in the area and being in touch with nature. I realize this is what life is all about creating those special moments where one can cherish them and look back at it in content. Despite all the responsibilities we have we all need that time to just relax and be thankful we are alive. So I come back to reality and smile as I wake up from my daydream and found the answer to a way to deal with life’s stresses. Yes, I think tomorrow I will take a trip to the human resources department to request a seven day vacation. So in reality spending some time not doing anything is actually doing something because that is when one usually finds the answers to questions or thoughts we harbor deep down inside.

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