More help resources for students!!!

As a student of FIU I have noticed that though there are psychological and counseling services to our students, I feel that enough promotion is not done for this. Perhaps it is the shame of going to see a psychologist or many students are not even aware of these services. There should be counseling classes for students who are specifically suffering depression, suicide, pregnancy issues, and going through traumatic issues. Maybe even having guest speakers who have gone through obstacles in life and can inspire others who are in need would be very beneficial to us students. I personally feel that these services should be free of charge and students not having to worry if they have insurance or not. I personally know students who stop going to FIU’s psychological services because they cannot afford the medication they are prescribed or do not have insurance. Something should be done about this issue and I feel that services like these could help our students who are in need and gear them towards a successful future.

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