Grammar 101

I was very curious to see what we would learn in class on Wednesday since Professor Richards had mentioned how it would have to do with
the grammar exam to get into the school of communications at FIU. So in class we were shown examples on run on sentences, verbs, punctuations, phrases, clauses, sentence structures and add ons as well. I will not even lie I was blown away because I realized how much I needed to brush up on my grammar skills and how many of the parts of grammar we use to write sentences I had forgotten. Especially since I am going to get into the field of public relations I know that knowing how to communicate through writing is crucial towards my success in that area. Though the hour and a half helped me brush up on my grammar skills, I knew that I would have to practice more especially for the grammar exam since I have plans to get into the Public relations field. I truly appreciate Professor Richards time spent on showing us some examples that would appear in the future exam and being kind enough to let us know what would consist of being a successful writer, journalist, advertising and public relations worker.

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