As I listened to Jasmine Kripalini speak on her career as a reporter for CBS I couldn’t help but smile and think one day I want to be in her place and give great words of advice to young college students. I could see she was very happy in her career choice and you could see how passionate she truly was. She spoke on the lollipop case in the 80’s where the young boy was murdered and how twenty years later she couldn’t believe she was covering the story and how much it touched her since it hit close to her heart. She showed us that since her college days she was determined to get her writing published and even got a job with the deacon newspaper. I admired her bold attitude to contact the editor of the deacon when she was told when and how she had to write her news stories. Ms. Kripalini inspired me to dig deep within myself and figure out what exactly is is that I want to do with my life. She showed me through her experiences that one does not have to wait to graduate and get a degree to begin a career. One can start in school through internships and jobs to pursue one’s passion.
I thought that Journalism was a good career path for me but honestly I am not a huge fan of the camera and writing is not always my biggest love. So, I knew that public relations was the right major choice for myself as I love working with others and I wouldn’t mind a career where I could represent clients from different companies or events; as well as working with charities in the community to help those in need which is my real passion. I realized that it is fine to be young and in your early 20’s and still try to figure out what career one wants to pursue. I left class that day feeling strong and confident in myself that slowly I am on track to doing and figuring out what I want to pursue in this life. The class discussion from Ms. Kripalini was much more than just Journalism and her job, it was about finding a career that you truly are passionate goals and going for it no matter what obstacles one encounters.

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